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10373518_10103406114935210_8487024418578733150_nOffice: 919 Hylan

Phone: (585) 276-4413

Email: alex.rice@rochester.edu

Curriculum Vitae




I am currently in my third year as a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Mathematics Department at the University of Rochester. For the two years prior to my arrival in Rochester, I was a Visiting Assistant Professor at Bucknell University in Lewisburg, PA. I completed my Ph. D. in 2012 at the University of Georgia under the direction of Neil Lyall. My research interests lie primarily in the field of arithmetic combinatorics, a rapidly developing area with close connections to number theory, combinatorics, harmonic analysis, and ergodic theory. Specifically, I am most interested in applying analytic and combinatorial techniques to show the existence of certain arithmetic structures in sufficiently dense sets of integers. I am also interested in more pure analytic approaches to continuous analogs of these questions in large subsets of Euclidean space.